General Ashtanga Yoga

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Ashtanga Yoga weight loss of a number of ways to contribute, even though that does not include intensive cardiovascular exercises. It represents a strengthening of the muscles and exercise method, which is also a positive effect on many aspects of health, energy and positivity helps to keep the body in the desired form of placing an order. It is not necessary to turn to yoga mat and yoga backpack in order to lose weight.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga (same eight steps) Yoga is a yoga system that combines posture (asana) and breathing (pranayama). In this direction, the founder and creator of the tradition of Sri Pattabhi Joyce (1915-2009) from Mysore (India). Joyce's Teacher of the last century, a great teacher Sri Krishnamacharia considered. Ashtanga yoga training emphasize laden Asana performance and movements combined with the breath. Each posture is associated with inhalation and special rules for breath. Ashtanga yoga practice to expect sweat, strengthen muscles and increase energy. Harvard Medical School publications indicate that Hatha yoga with other forms of the Ashtanga Yoga include less load, burn the same number of calories as water aerobics, gymnastics, riding a horse or a volleyball game at the time was spent. Two hundred forty to three hundred fifty-six calories and average mean body weight.

Physical profit

If you are overweight, Ashtanga yoga can help improve the body's condition and flexibility, as well as strengthening the muscles. The tone of the muscles of the body shape, which visually have a positive impact, although it is losing weight or not. US disease control and prevention center at least twice a week to encourage everyone to be engaged in violent exercise, Ashtanga Yoga, the muscle strengthening exercises qualifies.

Mental Improvements

Regular yoga practice provides its own self-evaluation and improvement of body perception. Yoga reduces stress and anxiety. If your soil is linked to emotional meal, yoga exercise can help control healthy diet and regular meals.


Ashtanga yoga helps people with physical and mental development. Available to everyone and is one of the most common type of yoga. You can contact the nearest yoga school, or buy a home and start practicing yoga mat bag in order to develop and forget about fatigue, diet and stress of today's life. You will agree that a positive and energetic life is better than nothing.


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